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Longxiang Group is a plastic injection molder in Guangzhou Since 1998, We manufacture all sizes, precision-engineered, injection-molded components used in a wide array of applications in diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, consumer appliance, office furniture, telecom, business equipment, and recreational vehicle and boating markets.

We offer customers full-service manufacturing solutions that include design, engineering, mold making, production – including insert molding, overmolding and encapsulation of components – value-added assembly, inventory management, and distribution.

25 to 25,000+
in 15 days or less

1 to 100+
in 10 days or less

1 to 30000+
in 15 days or less

You have a great idea, we can help bring it to life.

One-Stop Service

  • Insert Molding
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Unlimited Undercut
  • Unlimited Quantity
  • Overmolding
  • Custom Colors
  • Rotary Molding
  • 2K Molds
  • Two Short Molding
  • Stack Molds
  • Gas Assist
  • Glass Encapsulation
  • Internal/External Threads
  • Simple or Complex Parts
  • Stanard Injection Molding
  • Multi-Component Assemblies

Molds & Injection Molding

Injection Plastic Mold Manufacturer Auto Molds Suppliers Of Buliding Moulds

Plastic Injection Molding Custom-Make Plastic Parts Injection Moulding

Large Trash Can Mold Ash-Bin Toolings Garbage Can Moulds

Plastic Medical Stretcher Toolings Medical Spare Parts Moulds Madical Facility Molding

Plastic Pipe Joint Tooling Plastic Coupling Mould Pipe Connection Molding

Plastic Paving Grids Gravel Driveway Grid Diamond Grid For Mine/Golf/Car Parking


Longxiang Pallet with RailsOur pallet design with raills can help you save much more cost, it's very lower than the overall pallet with rails.

We design a new plastc crate to instead of the carton, as all known, the price of the carton more and more expensive, and using the plastic crates can save a lot of the carton cost, and the plastic crate can be cycle using, the using life is much longer than the carton.So we believe that to use the plastic crate is the wise way, and if you want to use in your working shop, that is a good choice, we can help develop the tooling for you.

Mr. Rissah from Australia took his good project visited us on 18th, March, 2018. He is a very nice and very funny business man. And his project is very attractive. We had a very enjoyably meeting, and Mr. Rissah very likes to disscus with Rocky(Longxiang's owner), spoke highly of Rocky, as Rocky gave a lots good idea to make his project more perfect. After the meeting, Mr. Rissah was very happy, as he was satisfied with our factory(Both for the work shop and engineer team) and our professional technology on the plastic mold solution. And he will update the new drawings for us, and then will ask us to help him develop his new project. Let's expect the good products arise in the world.

Quick Quote & Our Customer Saying

If you have a CAD file ready, we can provide you an interactive quote in 24 hours or less. STEP or IGES files are preferred.

”This was the first time we had designed and produced injection molded parts and Longxiang Group made the process as painless as possible. Everything arrived on time and as expected."

                                                              ——Michael K


Design Failure Mode & Effect Analysis.

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